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Ten of the best-loved UK comedians

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Everyone has a favourite comedian.
You know the one, that certain somebody who never fails to raise a smile and chuckle every time you see them on the box or in person.
We’ve been privileged to have produced some top UK comedians, with the current crop packing venues the length and breadth of Britain.
Here we profile 10 of the best-loved comedians that are doing the rounds in 2012:
John Bishop
It has been a stellar rise to stardom for Bishop, who turned his back on his job as a sales and marketing director for a pharmaceutical company back in 2006 to become a comedian. What a decision that has turned out to be as the likeable Liverpudlian is now a regular feature on our TV screens.
Rhod Gilbert
The gruff Welshman has successfully made the transition from stand-up comic to TV personality over the past few years and has won a cluster of awards along the way. His latest tour is intriguingly named ‘The Man With The Flaming Battenberg Tattoo’ and his act is bound to include his trademark rants.
Lee Nelson
Nelson is like marmite – you either love him or hate him. The plucky chav character has now gone from his own show on BBC Three to venues throughout the UK and his no-nonsense antics mean anyone attending one of his gigs should brace themselves for a lively evening.
Stewart Lee
Lee’s rollercoaster stand-up career is now firmly back on track after he quit the live scene for a few years in the early 2000s before picking up the microphone once more, much to the delight of his army of loyal fans.
Al Murray
Bringing his bar-room banter back after a short break, Murray will be flying the flag for everything that’s great about Britain in his own unique way in 2012. The Pub Landlord is not afraid to speak his mind.
Michael McIntyre
Man-of-the-moment McIntyre is touring again this year and his whirlwind delivery of gags and general buffoonery has helped him to become runaway success, so much so that he broke the record for the fastest-selling UK stand-up DVD of all time in 2009.
Frankie Boyle
Outspoken and often controversial, Boyle is captivating viewing whether on the TV or live in the flesh as he is unlike any other UK comedian in terms of his style, content and tone of voice. The Scot initially stopped touring after announcing plans to quit stand-up, but is definitely back with a bang.
Sarah Millican
The Geordie comic is flying high at present and is giving her male counterparts a real run for their money.  She’s down to earth, she’s genuine, she’s grounded and she’s extremely personable – it’s hardly surprising that she’s so popular at the moment.
Kevin Bridges
It’s hard to believe Bridges is still only in his mid-20s as the Scot has made it at a remarkably young age in an industry that is tough to make a breakthrough in. Bridges actually started his stand-up career shortly after turning 17 and less than a decade later is one of the most well-known comedians in the UK.
Simon Amstell
Amstell continues to switch backwards and forwards from small screen to stage and has been in the public eye since starting out as a Channel 4 presenter in 2000. His brand new stand-up tour is entitled Numb.
Who’s your favourite comedian? What’s the best comedy gig you’ve ever attended? Let us know if you’ve bought comedy tickets recently and tell us who you’re off to watch!

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