Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Theatre Ticket Price Debate

The cost of theatre tickets is a topical issue right now.
Celebrities such as Felicity Kendal and Kevin Spacey have been particularly vocal in voicing their concerns over the price of going to see shows and how this is putting off younger people from attending.
We’re quick to acknowledge that going to the theatre can be an expensive experience, especially when you factor in the cost of travel, food and possibly accommodation.
As with most forms of popular entertainment at present – like a trip to the cinema, sporting event or comedy/music gig – theatre tickets have increased over the past decade or so. And this, of course, is a cause for concern when it comes to future generations being able to afford to do these types of activities.

It’s important, though, to bring some context to this whole debate.
Theatre fans don’t need reminding of what a memorable and unique night they can enjoy at the theatre. That’s why shows like Les Miserables have attracted such a cult following over the years, with many people going to see it time and time again.
Live theatre is absorbing, raw, emotional, captivating and entrancing.
Because of talented and passionate actors and actresses. Because of the buzz of live entertainment. Because of superb directors, script writers and musicians. Because of the charismatic theatre venues that stage the shows. Because of the heritage of theatre in English culture and the fact that so many people – including audience members – and determined to uphold and support a much-loved tradition.
The quality of the shows has improved as well – as anyone who has seen the visually-stunning Ghost The Musical can testify. Special effects using state-of-the-art technology is now commonplace across most West End shows.
It’s fair to say we’re passionate about this topic. We’d love to know what you think. Is West End theatre an affordable luxury? Or does it provide good value for money? How often do you go? Or have you ever been?

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