Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Yes, Prime Minister returns to London theatres!

Yes Prime Minister play
(Photo courtesy of AndyRobertsPhotos on Flickr)

Yes, Prime Minister is returning to London’s West End next month.
This hilarious comedy, which has already enjoyed two successful West End runs and is a spin-off of the popular 1980s TV show, is back and promises to be bigger and better than ever as the much-loved duo of Sir Humphrey Appleby and Jim Hacker forge a somewhat controversial relationship with Foreign Minister of Kumranistan.
Expect laughs, laughs and more laughs in this riotous show at Trafalgar Studios in a production that has been well received by theatre critics.
‘Jim Hacker & Sir Humphrey are back! As sharp and blissfully funny as ever’ – Daily Telegraph.
‘A delightful stream of one liners’ – Evening Standard.

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