Saturday, 30 June 2012

New Shows at the West End!

Our weekly update for theatre in the West End, check out these shows, new this week and last.
A revival of the Michael Frayn play transfers from The Newcastle Theatre.   One of the most inspirational post-war politicians, West German Willy Brant, conducts the rebuilding of Europe.
Starring: Patrick Dury and Aidan McArlde
Showing at the Old Vic Theatre, booking for shows until July 14.
Chariots of Fire
Transferred from the Hampstead Theatre, this year’s summer of sport for Britain, the legendary film has been adapted for stage.  It tells the true story of Eric Liddell and Harold Abraham and their battle to become the fastest men in the world.
Starring: James McArdle and Jack Lowden
Showing at the Gielgud Theatre, booking for shows until Saturday November 10.
A Walk On Part
The diaries of Chris Mullin, New Labour MP at the time of Blair’s fall from grace, brought to stage.   It shows the vulnerability and decency of Mullin, a small cog in a stuttering political wheel.
Starring: John Hodgkinson
Showing at the Arts Theatre, booking for shows until July 14.

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