Friday, 1 June 2012

We Talk About... Wicked London

Wicked musical, Apollo Victoria
(Photo Courtesy of Pedro Plassen Lopes on Flickr)

Regular theatregoer Emma Barnes recently went to watch Wicked in London’s West End – and here’s what she thought of it in her own words.
Toplondonshows: Hey Emma, thanks for your time. Okay, first things first, what’s Wicked all about then?
Em: Essentially it’s a re-telling of the classic ‘Wizard of Oz’ – it goes back to Elphaba (or The Wicked Witch of the West) in her school days and how she progresses to become the ‘Wicked Witch’ that everyone knows her to be.
Toplondonshows What made you want to go and see it in the first place?
Em: I’ve always been a big fan of the Wizard of Oz and I had many friends who have seen Wicked. I actually got bought the soundtrack for my birthday, and from that I knew I really wanted to see it live.

Toplondonshows Describe the show in three words. Go!
Em: Moving, green and um…Wicked!
ToplondonshowsWhat was the highlight of the performance?
Em: The set design and the costumes are really amazing – so much work and thought must have gone into them. As with seeing all musicals live, it’s incredible to hear the songs I know so well live. It really blows you away.
Toplondonshows Sounds amazing. Quite a few people get kitted up in fancy dress when they go and watch Wicked. Did you? Did many people in the theatre?
Em: Haha, I never dressed up for Wicked, although I did dress up for Rocky Horror when I went to see it. I don’t think that many people were dressed up the time I went, although I know that the die-hard fans love to paint themselves green for it. I saw loads of Wicked veterans wearing hoodies and stuff though.
Toplondonshows How would you rate Wicked out of 10?
Em: Out of all the West End productions I’ve seen it’s my favourite so I’d have to give it a 9.
ToplondonshowsBig score! Would you go and watch Wicked again then?
Em: Ohhhh yesss (please imagine a certain nodding dog here)
ToplondonshowsHa ha. What West End show do you want to go and see next and why?
Em: I really want to see The Lion King because the costumes look great and I’d love to see just how they translate it from a cartoon film into an awesome stage show. Maybe soon!
Toplondonshows: Hopefully you get to see it soon and thanks for your time!!!!

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