Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Beyonce-Inspired ‘Leave It On The Floor’ Coming to London

Musical-movie ‘Leave It On The Floor’ is coming to the London stage! The two-week run from 1st-16th August 2012 will play at the Leicester Square Theatre.
Image: Coventry Telegraph Blog
The musical numbers were written by superstar Beyonce’s creative director Kim Burse, who was the genius behind the ‘Single Ladies’ video and a song by the lady herself will feature too. The musical includes 10 original songs and is described as “a sizzling mash-up of Paris Is Burning, Rent & Dreamgirls”.
Set in downtown L.A., Brad is forced to leave home after his mother disapproves of his sexuality. He soon finds himself a part of the ‘House of Eminence’; an underground group from the ‘ball’ community. The group is made up of people from all walks of life, from young African-Americans, gay and transgendered, runaways, victims of rejection, violence and homelessness and they join together to be creative with music, dance, fashion and art.
This is the first time in popular culture that the ball community has been represented and it is hoped that the exposure will lead to the group becoming more understood as well as celebrated by the general public.
The musical aims to celebrate difference and creativity whilst also exploring the idea of how the young people form their own ‘unconventional family’. Although only a short run, there are hopes that it could become a permanent fixture in London’s West End.
Leave It On The Floor, like Drag Divas, Soho Cinders and Le Gateau Chocolat is another musical to have celebrate themes of sexuality and diversity.
If the show is anything like the movie, it’ll be colourful, vibrant, risky and a little naughty. It’s full of amazing choreography and music, as well as a hard-hitting storyline. It really is a musical for the 21st century!
Here is the film’s trailer to give you a taster of what to expect!

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