Monday, 23 July 2012

ITV’s Superstar…Not So Super

ITV1’s latest talent search for Andrew Lloyd Webber's next Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar is not going well, according to the ratings anyway.

Viewing figures have dropped by 2 million over two weeks. The highest ratings on the first episode, during prime time Saturday evening, were significantly lower than is normally expected too, (2 million lower!)
Along with the concerns over the programme, there are even bigger worries when it comes to what effect the show is having on the West End. The show is said to not portray the West End well, and senior theatre executives are worried that it is going to put people off going to the theatre!
Is it really that bad?
Perhaps these programmes are a little played out, and audiences are switching off the programme, because they have switched off from the idea of talent shows, or maybe Jesus Christ Superstar doesn’t have the same appeal anymore?
The first talent show of its type aired way back in 2006 called, ‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?’ on the BBC. Since there have been shows searching for Joseph (Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat), Nancy (Oliver) and Dorothy (Wizard of Oz). 
Mel C, Tim Michin and Chris Moyles will be starring in the UK tour of Jesus Christ Superstar too, along with the eventual winner of Superstar.
Let’s hope the actual production will have higher audience numbers than the talent show!

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