Sunday, 1 July 2012

Spice Girls’ Fame in Figures

We blogged previously about the coming Spice Girls musical, Viva Forever!  It launched recently, at the St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel.  To commemorate, here are 7 truly awesome classic Spice Girls figures!
9 – number ones in the UK, tied with ABBA.
13 million – copies of their first album, ‘Spice’, sold.
£35,000 - price fetched by Geri’s Union Jack dress, bought by Hard Rock Cafe.  This makes it the most valuable piece of Pop Costume ever!
£29.6 million – annual earnings of the group for 1998, highest for an all female group at the time.
11  - the position reached by ‘Wannabe’ in the US charts, the highest for a British debut.
38 seconds – time taken for tickets for the Spice Girls shows sold out.  Astonishing!
7 million – copies of ‘Wannabe’ sold, making it the most successful single ever released by an all female group.
6 – the number of singles in The Spice Girls’ uninterrupted run of number ones, before it was finally broken with ‘Stop’ in 1998.
55,000 – copies of the movie ‘Spiceworld’ sold in the shops in its first day of release – alone!
£32 million – the profits returned from the Spice Girls 2008 Reunion Tour.

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