Thursday, 12 July 2012

‘The Doctor’ Matt Smith is Theatre’s Latest Patron

Matt Smith, the current Doctor Who has been made a patron of the National Youth Theatre, where he trained as a teenager.
Matt Smith joined the theatre in 2002 and enjoyed praise from countless critics for his roles in ‘The Master and Margarita’ and ‘Murder in the Cathedral’. He has since starred on stage in ‘The History Boys’, and ‘Swimming With Sharks’, as well as his famous role as ‘Doctor Who’ on the BBC.
Smith said himself that the theatre, “completely transformed my life. No understatement. I’m proud to be a part of it still. I care very deeply about it”, so there is no doubt that this latest role as patron to the NYT is very important to him.
Paul Roseby the artistic director of The National Youth Theatre also added “As we continue to operate in challenging economic times, like everyone in the arts, it’s always good to have a Doctor in the house.” (Nice pun, Paul!)
This refers to the financial constraints the theatre has faced over recent years, but has since declared that in terms of finance, the theatre is back on track, thanks to the Arts Council England and other organisations.
The theatre company are doing all they can to encourage more young people to join the theatre so Matt Smith as a patron could go a long way in doing so. The NYT have also changed their age range from 14-21 to 16-25 to encourage those who may not be in education or employment to seek involvement in it’s social inclusion programme.
Other NYT alumni include Colin Firth, Daniel Day-Lewis, Orlando Bloom, Dame Helen Mirren and David Walliams.
Even from that list alone, it is easy to see how The National Youth Theatre is such a great stepping stone for young aspiring actors. Hopefully Matt Smith’s new status as patron will help encourage young people to become part of The National Youth Theatre, and therefore produce more Matt Smiths!
References: BBC

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