Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Theatre For A New Generation – ‘Busted’s’ James Bourne Introduces ‘Loserville’

10 years ago you would have probably known James Bourne as a member of one of the most popular bands at the time, Busted. You may have known him by his second band, Son Of Dork, but probably wouldn’t know that he is a writer of musicals!
Bourne is the co-writer of soon-to-open Loserville, a show that is inspired by his 2005 Son Of Dork album, Welcome To Loserville. The album which only reached number 35 in the chart is hoped to have more success transformed onto the stage!
The musical, which opened on 25th June at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds is set in a high school in 1971 and follows Michael Dork, a teenage boy who invents email and discovers girls all at the same time! Speaking to the BBC, James says, “It’s a timeless story about staying true to yourself, about belief, about being an outsider but still coming through.”
The musical aimed at both teenagers and parents through the combination of the characters and story with the nostalgic 70s setting, and hopefully engage more young people to the theatre.
The cast includes Gareth Gates, (who has previously performed in Les Miserables and Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat), “Lil” Chris Hardman and former EastEnders actor Aaron Sidwell.
James hopes that Loserville will be the start of new audience interest in original theatre, saying, “come and see it because you’re a fan of new musical writing or because now there’s a new musical out there that speaks to your generation.”
We wish James and the rest of the cast good luck for opening night in Leeds! Let’s hope for a West End transfer in the near future!

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