Thursday, 26 July 2012

YouTube Star Search for Mini MJ!

It seems there may be a theme occurring…
As we blogged about earlier, the internet has become the platform to find theatre performers. It is now being used to find a young performer for an upcoming Broadway show Motown: The Musical, produced by Berry Gordy, the man behind the Jackson 5.
His aim to to find one performer to play three roles; a young Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and himself.
Motown: The Musical is looking for a 8-11 year old African-American boy to play all three parts. Gordy described what he is looking for, “I’m not looking for imitators,” “What I’m looking for is people that are smart and can be themselves in the role.  He has to be extremely talented, plus he has to give me the same chills that I got when I saw Michael Jackson in the first place.”
As well as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, music will come from Motown classic performers like The Temptations, Diana Ross and The Supremes. The show is expected to open on Broadway in the spring of 2013.
The musical will be based on Gordy’s story and how he discovered the likes of The Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder and created his music empire.
Those who want to audition have the choice of three songs to perform, “I Want You Back”, “I’ll Be There” and “Who’s Loving You”.  Their auditions will then have to be uploaded to YouTube where Berry Gordy will decide the winner.
This news comes after the campaign ‘Searching For A Twitter Star’ was using the internet for the same purpose – to find a new west end performer. The only difference being, the winner was voted by Twitter users.
It does seem like an obvious platform to find new theatre stars after many bands and artists, such as Justin Bieber for example, were discovered through YouTube.
It is such an accessible, convenient tool, that allows those who would not normally be able to travel to auditions to get a chance at stardom.  We predict that this method of finding talent will be used more and more.

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