Friday, 17 August 2012

Bruce Springsteen at the Etihad Stadium – Review

Music-mad Scott Mason saw Bruce Springsteen live in Manchester last month at the Etihad Stadium– and here’s what he thought of the man they call The Boss.

Toplondonshows: There’s always plenty of hype around a Springsteen concert – is he really as good as people say he is?
SM: When a man who’s nearly a pensioner plays non-stop for 3.5+ hours without losing the slightest bit of interest from a stadium full of people, you know he’s good. The Boss is still bossing the world stage, putting those half his age to shame.

Toplondonshows: Was it your first Springsteen experience? If not, how did it rank compared to previous gigs?
SM: It was my first time, but it certainly won’t be the last. I will have retired from gig-going before he retires from the stage.
Toplondonshows: By all accounts it was a damp night in Manchester – not that there’s any other kind of night in what surely be the wettest city in the UK! Did the weather put a dampener on the atmosphere at all?
SM: It only added to the whole experience. Outdoor gigs are much better in the rain.
Toplondonshows: Give us an idea of the type of setlist he played…
SM: They hit the stage at about 7.15pm because they knew the show was going to be 3.5 hours long, so it all felt a bit surreal to start with. They blasted out Badlands to kick it all off and it all got quite emotional as the show went on. This is the E Street Band’s first European tour since their legendary saxophonist, Clarence Clemons, passed away. His nephew has done a superb job of filling one of the biggest pairs of shoes in the industry.
Toplondonshows: What was the standout tune for you? 
SM: The last song of the night, Twist & Shout, was one of the standout songs of any gig I’ve ever been to. If anybody knows how to put you in a good mood, it’s Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band.
ToplondonshowsSpringsteen is renowned for playing epic sets and recently got in trouble for breaking a curfew at his Hyde Park gig. Did his set go on for too long?
SM: It wasn’t long enough! It finished on such a high that my girlfriend and I had post-Bruce blues when we got home! I can’t imagine how mad I would have been if they’d have cut offTwist & Shout in Manchester.
Toplondonshows: Sounds like your Springsteen mad. Planning your next trip to see The Boss?
SM: I actually nearly went to the Hard Rock Calling gig. His last few European gigs this tour are in Scandinavia, so I’m not sure I can afford that at a few days’ notice! I’m sure he’ll be back, though, so I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out.
Thanks for your time, Scott, and keep on rocking!!

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