Friday, 3 August 2012

Frankie’s Back, Back Again in Jersey Boys

The original Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys on Broadway, played by John Lloyd Young will be returning to his role this summer.
Speaking of the opportunity, he said, “How many people in life get to go back and reclaim their past and relive it in almost exactly the same way and enjoy it all over again?”
Once leaving his successful run as Frankie Valli, John decides to move into film and television. He didn’t have the impact he wanted but did have the first guest role on musical TV series, Glee.
“A lot of things changed radically right after I left the show,” he says. “I had certain expectations that didn’t happen or at least didn’t happen the way I expected. So I adapted.”
John who will reprise his role this year is also a professional artist, and an Ivy League university graduate. He has had many of his art pieces commissioned and many famous restaurants hang his work with pride.
He describes how his new found talents have helped understand the importance of acting in the theatre.  ”I understand now more than I ever did the first time around how rare and special it is when your talent and your activities overlap perfectly,” he says. “It’s great to go back and relive and revisit something that now you more deeply and profoundly understand.”
If you can’t make it to Broadway, check out Jersey Boys London!

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