Thursday, 16 August 2012

Harry Hill Creating ‘X Factor the Musical’

Yes you read that right, there is going to be a X Factor Musical!

Harry Hill, the comedian famous for Harry Hill’s TV Burp, which disects all the funny moments from the week’s TV programmes has confirmed that he and co-writer Steve Brown are writing the musical based on the long running ITV talent competition.
Unbelievably, Simon Cowell has given the go-ahead for the musical too!
Hill said ”He [Cowell] liked it, so we’re doing it. It’s like a TV Burp treatment, a celebration/piss-take, to get the lovers and haters in. It’s not caustic, like Jerry Springer: The Opera. That would be quite an easy route to take, but we want it to be funny above everything.”
This sounds like a brilliant idea! Thinking back to all the infamous and dodgy auditions, they will have a lot of fun with this!
No word yet on when or where the musical will materialise, or even an official name for the show but we do hope it’s soon! It’s certainly going to be different to anything we’ve seen, lets hope it makes it to London and becomes one of the big west end musicals.

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