Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Save 35% On Shrek The Musical Tickets

There is a 48hr Flash Sale on Shrek the Musical Tickets!  Get top price tickets for only £39.50 – thats over 35% savings!
Show: Shrek The Musical
Venue: Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Offer Valid: Monday & Wednesday to Friday evening performances and Thursday matinees, from 3rd September to 12th October.
Offer Ends: Thursday 30th August, 2.30pm
The musical has been adapted from the Dreamworks film, Shrek, set in the not-so-idyllic land of fairytale.  Unlikely hero, Shrek the Ogre, and his equally unlikely noble steed, Donkey, set off to resuce the beautiful Princess Fiona, locked away in the highest room of the tallest tower.  A great, colourful, feel good fairytale – charming, modern and a fun treat for the kids.
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