Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Big Interest in London’s Art and Culture

It was assumed that the London Olympics’ presence over the summer was going to to negatively affect sales of other London attractions, such as galleries, museums and theatre. However, a Guardian article suggests otherwise.
(photo courtesy of santabanta.com)
The newspaper collated figures from a survey conducted by Aka, an entertainment marketing agency. 1600 adults in the UK were asked about their attitudes towards London’s arts and culture, and the results were very positive.
66.4% of those surveyed said they “would like to go to a museum or experience London theatre” when visiting London.  This is a promising amount of interest for arts organisations.
Of the five cultural activities people were most likely to see, the survey showed the following figures:
  • Pop concerts (54% interest)
  • Stand-up comedy (52% interest)
  • Musicals (52% interest)
  • Exhibitions and museums (51% interest)
  • Plays (46% interest)
These strong figures suggest that people want to visit some of London’s arts and cultural offerings. It also means that organisations should do more to make their attractions visible because the demand is clearly there.
There were also interesting results regarding reasons why people did not attend, or have not attended, these activities. A third of those surveyed admitted to missing a performance/exhibition because they:
  • forgot to buy tickets
  • assumed the event would be sold out
  • were too time pressured
  • had too much choice!

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