Friday, 7 September 2012

New Musical – Top Of The Pops Live

A New jukebox musical we previously mentioned, Top Of The Pops Live, has been given dates and a venue!

The show will open at Eastbourne’s Congress Theatre on 18th – 20th October 2012. The unique concept and popular hit songs are sure to draw in the crowds and it is hoped to transfer to the West End after it’s first run.Top Of The Pops Live will pay homage to the hugely successful music chart television show that ran for over 40 years. It is assumed that the stage show revival will be just as popular, as hit songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s will be featured which is likely to entertain a wide range of audiences.The stage show will be classed as something very unique, combining classic songs with cutting edge technology which will allow the audience members to vote for their ‘number 1’ song, which will ultimately get performed on stage as the finale.Along with the interactivity of the show, vintage clips of the programme throughout the 4 decades will also be played, capturing some of the UK’s most iconic performers such as David Bowie, Blondie and Oasis.
The BBC have allowed the production to go ahead, having signed a licensing agreement with Flying Entertainment who will work with them to create the show. Thriller Live! director Gary Lloyd who will also be helping creating Top Of The Pops Live said, “Bringing Top of the Pops to the stage has been an exciting process. With today’s technology and using all of the iconic moments Top of the Pops brings, this show will excite audiences old and new.”
There has seemed to be a big surge of jukebox musicals recently but it is clear they are popular with audiences. Lloyd’s aim to persuade new as well as old audiences to the theatre is too an important subject, that should rightfully be encouraged.
The idea of an interactive audience sounds pretty cool to us, what do you think? Do you hope that Top Of The Pops Live will make it to the West End?

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