Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Our Essential Theatre Guide to Buying Tickets Online

The online ticket booking process can be daunting if you’ve never done it before.  But in actual fact, it can be much easier than buying from the theatre directly.  Here are some points consider before purchasing.

Booking Online

  • Book ahead – Buying theatre tickets in advance will ensure you get the best price.
  • Ensure ‘STAR’ membership – Ensure your ticket-buying service belongs to ‘STAR’ (Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers). This means that they follow the code of practice designed to protect customer’s rights. For more information visit the star website.
  • Consider where you sit – Stalls and the dress circle give the best views and the most legroom. Look out for next week’s Seat Choosing Guide for lots of tips!
  • Booking fee – A fee is added to the ticket price which covers operational costs of ticket agents. This is standard practice in the UK. At some websites the displayed price of tickets includes the booking fee so there are no surprises at the checkout! However, some are sneaky so watch out for last minute fees added on at the end.
  • Know your method of collection  - Most of the time the tickets can be collected from the theatre’s box office up to 1 hour before a performance – handy so you don’t lose or forget your tickets!

If something goes wrong…

  • In the event of cancellation – The theatre will contact you and offer you a refund or exchange. If the show is cancelled during the first half, you will also be offered a refund or exchange.
  • Refunds and exchanges – Each ticket agent will have a different policy, but most agents and box offices do not offer refunds. Your booking confirmation email should contain the information of the ticket agent to contact and/or what their exchange policy is.

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