Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Hurly Burly Show – Our Reader's Review

The Hurly Burly Show is back in the West End.  Our reader, Rosalee, tells us all about the sexiness and the fun.
‘Think feathers, nipple tassels and sequins’
After a year’s absence, the Hurly Burly Show is back on stage at the Duchess Theatre in full regalia – think feathers, nipple tassels, and as many sequins as can squeezed onto as little clothing as possible, which is actually a surprising amount. The burlesque variety show is a cocktail of classic, full-bodied jazz routines stirred up with well-loved pop songs and kitschy costumes. Not to everyone’s taste, but nevertheless a show that should be seen at least once in your life, because nothing says “extravagance” quite like it.
‘the star of the show: Miss Polly Rae’
Coco, stylishly dressed with vintage class, opened the show by introducing the cast, and returned every so often between acts to stoke up the atmosphere in the crowd. Her spiel slipped easily between excessive ring-master-style approbation and off-the-cuff quips that made up for any transparencies. The real burlesque performer, however, was the star of the show, Miss Polly Rae.

Shape-shifting between a classically styled burlesque seductress, a Marie Antoinette and a geisha, she governed every role, whether silly or sleek.  Stunning both outside and in, her voice, when set loose on a more soulful melody, added a note of artistry that really sparkled, with or without glitter. Although some sequences were a little too cheesy for some tastes, their comic value was unmissable, especially in relaxing an audience used to a world where the uniform isn’t quite so flashy and revealing.
‘efforts towards audience participation did not always succeed’
There were continuous efforts made towards audience participation. Although they did not always succeed in overcoming the audience’s inhibitions, the bold hurly burly girls did at least tease out quite a few laughs and whoops.
‘foot-tappingly catchy tunes’
After the foot-tappingly catchy tunes, it seemed strange to be going home rather than hitting the host of bars, right on the Duchess’s doorstep, for a fun night out with friends. Not a show for the kids of course, but one for ladies and lady-lovers alike looking for a fun and flirty evening.
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