Thursday, 20 September 2012

UK Average Theatre Ticket Price Up To £47

There has been much talk over the predicted sales of West End theatre tickets in 2012 being lower than normal.
However, the West End box office has made a record £528 million over the last year and has seen the average audience capacity rise from 760 to 770.
This is very positive stuff indeed. People are obviously interested in theatre-going.
These figures come from a recently released report call the Box Office Data Report 2011 which evaluates how much London box offices make over the year, looking at which months, shows and theatres draw in the most revenue.
What is a little less exciting is the average face-value ticket price which has risen by 2.8% to £46.40, which is a little discouraging (but still less than the 4% inflation rate.)
The average price customers actually pay is almost £9 cheaper than the face value average at, £37.97 due to discounts on tickets. This is a difference of 22%, which has dropped from a little more impressive 25%, suggesting that discounts given on tickets aren’t as great and as popular as before.
Generally, the outlook is pretty positive. The average weekly earnings in London theatres is £50.9 million which is up from £45.4 million in the previous year’s study. Big name actors such as Kevin Spacey, James Corden and Sienna Miller are said to have been big draws in terms of audience numbers.
There is no telling to how things will change in the next coming year but there could be a possibility that the average ticket price may reduce due to many theatre productions predominantly plays, charging the majority of their tickets at £10, to encourage a new audience to theatres.

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