Wednesday, 5 September 2012

We Talk About… Chariots of Fire

We interviewed Mitch, who saw Chariots of Fire at the Gielgud Theatre last week.  Take a look to see what he thought.

Did you have any preconceptions of Chariots of Fire?
No, I was only aware that is was a film and to be honest the most I knew about Chariots Of Fire was the soundtrack!
How well did you feel the stage/auditorium was used to combat the obvious lack of 400m track space?
I thought the set was brilliant. The rotating centre stage helped a lot as it took the focus away from the figure of 8 running routes and helped create those epic photo finishes in the races.

Was there anything about the play that surprised you?
I thought the comic relief was very well done. It lightened the mood but didn’t take you away from what was happening on stage.

Anything you think could have been executed better?
I thought some characters were introduced too late and I didn’t feel particularly attached. I feel Liddells future wife, Florence suffered most. I feel the rivalry between Abrahams and piddle could have been handled better. It went from intense obsession to a sudden ‘oh well’.
Favourite part/aspect/feature of the play?
Has to be the final races at the Olympics.
Who were you backing to win, Abrahams or Liddell?
Abrahams for me, because he was probably more determined to win.
How many stars would you give this play?

Sum up the play in 5 words
‘Perfect warm-up for the Olympics’.  Is that 5 or 6?

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