Tuesday, 11 September 2012

We talk about... Sister Act

Culture vulture Georgia Halston saw Sister Act recently – and was pretty impressed!

Toplondonshows:  So, Sister Act… is the musical exactly the same as the movie?
GH: Not exactly the same, obviously there are changes in the dialogue and there are more musical numbers but the story runs mainly true to the film. Voice over from Whoopi Goldberg made it more reminiscent of the film too.
Toplondonshows: You seem to be pretty active on Twitter – review Sister Act in 140 characters or less.
GH: Energising, engaging and utterly entertaining, one of the best musicals I have seen.
Toplondonshows: You did it with 56 characters to spare – impressive! How does Sister Act compare to other theatre productions you’ve seen before?
GH: Sister Act is just completely entertaining from start to finish, the production of the stage and settings is amazing, and you get so amazingly lost in the engaging story. Some musicals can run a little dry between musical numbers but Sister Act keeps you involved throughout.
Toplondonshows: Time to fess up, did you sing along to any of the tunes?Is audience participation is a key part of Sister Act’s appeal?
GH: Yes definitely! There were a couple of songs from the original movie, so you already knew the words. I guess this is one of the attractions as the audience can’t help but participate in the numbers they are already familiar with. By the last song the whole theatre was on their feet, singing, dancing and clapping, it was an all round experience.
Toplondonshows: Which is better…the movie or theatre version of Sister Act? Don’t sit on the fence!
GH: Oh, the theatre version is much better. This might have more to do with the setting, no-one in a cinema or in their own home would spontaneously break into song and dance but the atmosphere created on the night is truly contagious!
Toplondonshows: Do you have a best bit?
GH: I think when Deloris is running from Vince in the closing scene. The way they flip from one setting to another while the nuns are running from one place to another is seamless through the onstage pandemonium created by the actors.
Toplondonshows: Give it a five-star rating…
GH: 5
Toplondonshows: Wow. Finally, would you consider yourself to be more like Mother Superior or Deloris Van Cartier?
GH: Ha! Definitely Deloris, she’s a good girl at heart but it doesn’t mean she can’t have a little attitude!
Toplondonshows: We hear you sister! 
Tickets for Sister Act, Manchester, in September-October 2012 are on sale now!

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