Friday, 26 October 2012

5 Decades of Band Breakups

We look back on some of the most memorable, dramatic, sad and crazy band breakups of the last 50 years!
70s – The Beatles
The Beatles broke up in 1969 after the ‘Beatlemania’ that they had caused was starting to die down. Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s wife and her heavy involvement with the band was said to have alienated Lennon from the rest of the Beatles. Awkward! The death of their manager also caused friction between the four bandmates as Paul McCartney put it upon himself to lead the band, which apparently didn’t go down very well. The band filed string of lawsuits against  each other, including their former manager.  Although we will never really know exactly why they broke up, it’s clear their resentment of each other grew more than their love of the music.
80s – Blondie
Although one of the defining Punk bands of the 70s, Blondie’s popularity began to fade in the early 80s. Their album, The Hunter only reached number 9 in the charts, which compared to their past records wasn’t great. The extreme amount of media attention on Blondie’s frontwoman, Debbie Harry was also a sore point for the rest of band who seemed to be forgotten. This, along with financial difficulty in the band as well as guitarist, Chris Stein contracting a skin disease, the band unfortunately split in 1982. However their music still lives on and is still iconic of the decade.
90s – Spice GirlsBeing one of the most most successful girl bands was sure to put a strain on the  Spice Girls relationship.  In 1999, Geri Halliwell left the band due to ‘differences’ with bandmate Mel B. The following year they announced that the band would go on ‘hiatus’ and were not splitting up. Since then they have had numerous reunions, all as successful as their heyday! Most recently they have announced Viva Forever! – a musical about their rise to fame, featuring all of their hit songs!
Naughties – Oasis
Brotherly love isn’t really what comes to mind when we think of this band! Throughout their days together, Noel & Liam Gallagher were fighting on and off with each other. Their brawls included insulting each other’s wives, hitting each other with tambourines and even assaulting a policeman!It seems that 2009 was the final straw for the two brothers. Before headlining V Festival, they got in another argument, forcing them to pull out of the festival. Since then Liam and Noel have no contact, and although invited, Liam did not turn up to Noel’s wedding in 2010. Noel has since started a new band named Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds which is clearly no invitation for Liam to join!
Teenies – The White Stripes
Only a little way into the decade and already we hear of great bands breaking up! The White Stripes announced their split in 2011, not due to any disagreements or drama, but to preserve all the great music they had made. Jack & Meg White said at the time,“The White Stripes belong to you [the fans] now and you can do with it whatever you want.” It seems what they wanted to do was to leave the band on a positive note – rather unlike the bands above!
Other equally dramatic band-splits that could have made the list include-
- Take That, who are now “back for good” (Sorry!!)
- S Club 7 and Steps for the 90s kids out there
- The Clash and the Sex Pistols for you punk rockers!

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