Monday, 17 December 2012

Our Essential Guide to Disabled Access at London Theatres

Theatre is accessible to everyone, and many theatres can now cater for disabled, visually and hearing impaired audiences. This guide aims to explain how theatres can adapt to help you or someone you know.
Firstly, we should point out that every theatre has a varying amount of access, but theatres are adapting all the time to accommodate those who need assistance.
It is best to contact the theatre directly before you book your tickets, as they can tell you exactly what they can offer in terms of accessibility and assistance.
Access to the Theatre
Street access varies from theatre to theatre. Many have ramps and lifts that can allow disabled audience members to comfortably enter the theatre’s foyer. Some may only have steps, which could cause disabled customers some inconvenience. The theatre’s staff will be able to assist anyone in need of help whilst entering the theatre. 
Friday, 7 December 2012

Top 10 Longest Running West End Shows

Following our post on the Top 10 West End Flops, we thought we would restore the balance and find out which 10 West End musicals have been the longest running, and therefore very, very successful!
We countdown to the number one longest running show ever!

Without looking can you guess which is Number 1?

Is Les Miserables the longest running show?

10. The Lion King 1999 – present (13 years)

The Lion King, which opened in 1999 at the Lyceum Theatre, London, is still running today – and in the same theatre. The musical offers something completely original, withamazing set and costume design, as well as music by Elton John, we expect this production to run on and on.

9. Mamma Mia 1999 – present (13 years)

Mamma Mia’s West End premiere was in 1999 at the Prince Edward Theatre. Using the m
usic of Swedish band, ABBA, the musical has gone on to inspire a very successful film adaptation starring Meryl Streep, Julie Walters, Meryl Streep and Colin Firth. It currently plays at the Prince of Wales Theatre but will move to the Novello Theatre after the London Olympics.