Monday, 11 February 2013

Theatre Blogs of Note… The Hutton Inquiry!

We love the theatre blog ‘The Hutton Inquiry’, written by Dan Hutton!  
Who and what?
He’s a student at Warwick University, big into drama there, and reviews shows from all over the country.
Dan reviews mainly drama, with some musicals and festivals thrown in for good measure. Playwrights such as Shakespeare, Shaw and Coward pepper his blog, but there are many new writers there too, writing for both large and small venues.
Why do we like it?
Dan is provocative and truthful without being overly harsh or pompous. He tells it as he sees it in the most accessible way possible. For the record, we often don’t agree with him, but he always makes clear the grounds on which he comes to an educated conclusion. Go to Dan for open, intelligent analysis and logical, thought-provoking writing.
Posts of Note
Lots of stuff about the Fringe… And then:
  • The big name: ‘Henry V’ at Shakespeare’s Globe
  • The West End: ‘Democracy’ by Michael Frayn
  • And a festival: Latitude 2012
Dan Hutton’s blog: The Hutton Inquiry

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